Dr. Praneeth Kuninty

Position: Post Doctoral Researcher
In the Lab since: 2013
Research Interests: - Nanomedicine
                                  - Tumor-associated macrophages/fibroblasts
                                  - Integrins
                                  - miRNAs
                                  - Peptides

My Personal Goal: "Investigating novel therapeutics for the targeted modulation of the tumor microenvironment"  

Contact: p.r.kuninty@utwente.nl
Location: ZH 255

About me

Originally I am from Adilabad, India. In 2010, I have obtained my Bachelor of Pharmacy from J.S.S College of Pharmacy, Mysore. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Groningen, The Netherland, with a Master in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences. My main Master research project was about the “Characterization of Inulin Nanocrystals”. Later I did his second master project on the “SAINT-Lipid Polycation particles, a novel carrier for an improved delivery of siRNA to activated primary endothelial cells”, where I developed a particular interest in targeted nanotherapeutics. In July 2013, I joined the Targeted Therapeutics group of Jai Prakash as a Ph.D. student. The main focus of my PhD thesis was the pancreatic tumor stroma, where I investigated novel therapeutics for the treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. In Nov 2017, I have obtained my Ph.D. on the topic “Novel Targeting Strategies against Pancreatic Stellate Cells to treat Pancreatic Cancer”. Thereafter, in the same group, I started working as a postdoctoral researcher on pancreatic and breast tumor microenvironment.

Honors & Awards

- Won best poster award at the 1st Pancreas Spring Meeting, Gottingen, 11-12 May 2017 on targeting integrin alpha5 as a novel strategy to treat a pancreatic tumor in vivo.


- “Laboratory Animal Science” course and received article 9 license to perform experiments on animals from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


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Accepted by Cancer Letters.


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