Welcome to the Prakash Lab!

The "Prakash-lab" describes the Targeted Therapeutics group around Prof. Dr. Jai Prakash, which is part of the Biomaterials Science & Technology Department and Technical Medical Centre at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands). The group was founded in 2012 with the aim to develop novel targeted (nano)therapies for the application in fibrosis and fibrosis-driven tumors. The following are the major areas in which his team is actively working on:

• Understanding the difference between myofibroblasts’ phenotype in organ fibrosis and cancer
• Discovering new targets in myofibroblasts in organ fibrosis and tumor stroma
• Designing of targeting ligands e.g. peptides to therapy and drug delivery
• Targeted delivery of nanoparticles including liposomes and polymeric nanoparticles
• Developing 3D spheroid models to mimic tumor microenvironment for studying nanomedicine
• Preclinical studies for targeted nanomedicine in fibrosis and tumor stroma mouse models (therapeutic efficacy and imaging)